Mobile Ready Hero Images Made Easy With New It’sRapid Workflow for Salsify

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In recent years, Mobile Ready Hero Images have become a mainstay of the ECommerce landscape. Mobile Ready Hero Images make it easy for shoppers to identify the key attributes of a product, such as the category and size. This is key especially with the ever-increasing usage of mobile devices on which shoppers are used to bite-sized, visual content that is fast and easy to process.

The Challenges of Creating Mobile Ready Hero Images at Scale

While the need for Mobile Ready Hero Images has steadily increased, creating Mobile Ready Hero Images at scale has long been a challenge.

Although Mobile Ready Hero Images share similar designs, they need to be customized with specific product images, brand colors and product data. What’s more, the resulting images need to adhere to retailer specifications for dimensions, file sizes and file formats. And whenever a product refresh occurs, Mobile Ready Hero Images need to be updated with the latest product images so they match what shoppers will actually receive when they make their purchase.

Typically, this design process has required a lengthy, traditional design process, taking valuable creative resources away from more urgent design tasks. Creation of Mobile Ready Hero Images required brands to follow a manual process for pulling together product imagery, product data, brand fonts, styles and colors, all while adhering to retailer requirements. This process was extremely slow and time consuming.

It’sRapid Mobile Ready Hero Image Workflow for Salsify

It’sRapid has long focused on ways to help brands and retailers streamline their workflows. That’s why we’re particularly excited to announce, in partnership with Salsify, the It’sRapid Mobile Ready Hero Image Workflow. This Salsify Workflow solution integrates directly with your existing Salsify instance to accelerate creation of Mobile Ready Hero Images.

While the Workflow will be available broadly in early fall, it is available now as part of a pilot for customers interested in accelerating their Mobile Ready Hero Image creation workflow.

Because the It’sRapid Workflow is integrated directly with Salsify, users can easily choose products for which they want to create images simply by selecting them within the Salsify user interface. The Workflow connects directly to It’sRapid to produce the desired mobile ready hero images. Once the images are generated, It’sRapid passes them directly back to the customer’s Salsify instance, providing a fully integrated workflow experience. Customers wishing to make custom adjustments to any images can easily do so in the It’sRapid UI.

Join The Mobile Ready Hero Pilot Launch Today

While the Mobile Ready Hero Image creator will be widely available this fall, customers interested in getting started today can join leading brands and retailers as part of the pilot launch today.

Schedule a demo today to get started!


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