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Some 77% of shoppers are now making purchases from mobile devices, according to Outerbox. 230M Americans own a smart phone. These days, shoppers are as likely if not more likely to be making a purchase from a mobile device as from a desktop browser. So making it easy for them to see what they’re buying has become critically important–especially given that 80%+ of mobile traffic is on screens that are smaller than 5.1 inches. And according to eye-tracking studies, mobile shoppers avoid reading text and instead visually scan product images. That means just using traditional pack-shots alone won’t deliver an experience optimized for
mobile shoppers.

Mobile Ready Hero Images
Mobile Ready Hero Images deliver the information that shoppers need for an optimal mobile shopping experience. They contain added product information in an easy-to-view format. The added information includes:

  • Brand
  • Format (e.g. Shampoo or Conditioner)
  • Variant (e.g. Everyday or Volumizing)
  • Size (e.g. 32 oz or 64 oz)Mobile Ready Hero Image


Designers typically create mobile ready hero images manually, using tools like Photoshop or other graphics editing tools. The process is time consuming. First, you have to find the necessary image asset. Then, setup the layout for the output file with the right text strip locations, formatting, and so on. Finally, you have to check the output.

What makes the process even more challenging is that if changes are needed, it’s often hard to track down the final image assets that were sent to the customer. That means re-creating everything from scratch.


With RapidAds Dynamic Content Automation solution, you can create Mobile Ready Hero Images in seconds. Choose your image, fill in a few edit boxes and click Download! It’s as simple as that.

RapidAds supports multiple templates for Mobile Ready Hero Images, including vertical and horizontal. And it has built-in scaling and cropping tools to make it easy to help make your product photos or pack shots look great. Quickly adjust fonts and colors as well.

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