Step by Step Guide To Creating Display Banners for Walmart

Walmart Onsite Banners

Here’s how to create Onsite Display Banners for Walmart Connect:

1. Create a new campaign

  • Select Walmart Connect as your channel
  • Click the Layouts icon
  • Make a copy of the Walmart Connect base layout

2. Enter text

  • Change the name of the layout to your own campaign name, such as “My New Campaign”
  • Click into each template that you want to edit and enter the text for that layout
  • Use the Bulk Update button to quickly update text across all templates in the layout.

3. Choose images and logos

For each template, choose the logo and image you want to use. Resize the images as needed.

4. Preview

In the Layouts list, click the View button. This will take you to the layout preview page where you can view all the banners for the campaign.

5. Export

Click Download and choose Assets Zip to download a zip file containing production-ready image assets.

The images will be named in production-ready format. RapidAds automatically ensures that the images are as high-resolution as possible without exceeding the maximum file size for each template.

To toggle between Display and Preview formats:

  • Click the Settings gear icon
  • In the Group dropdown, select All for Display format or Preview for Preview format
  • Click Save and close the popup, then download as above



Walmart Offsite Banners

Follow the same steps as above, except:

1. Instead of choosing Walmart Connect as your channel, choose Walmart Offsite.

2. When exporting assets, toggle between 1x and 2x sizes by clicking on the gear icon. In the Settings popup, choose 1x or 2x in the size dropdown. 

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