How PepsiCo Creates Images, Videos and Ads Across 500 Global Brands with IT’SRAPID

With 500 global brands and multiple retailer partnerships, PepsiCo needed a simple way to create more image carousel images and display ads at scale and distribute them across their .com retailers. Here’s how PepsiCo accelerated creative production, handled packaging refreshes and increased click through rates using IT’SRAPID.


Increase in CTR


Faster creative time


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About PepsiCo

PepsiCo is one of the largest Food & Beverage brands in the world. The company’s mission is to create joyful moments through delicious and nourishing products and unique brand experiences.

Before using IT’SRAPID, PepsiCo’s eCommerce, sales, and design teams were overloaded with a content calendar that spanned several different ad types and retailers. The design process took 4-5 weeks on average per campaign, and it was difficult to coordinate across multiple groups. In addition, the design team found themselves doing repetitive, low-value tasks by manually adjusting content to each retailer’s specifications.

This caused a reactive approach to content creation, and an inability to be nimble and take advantage of the newest ad formats as well as customer expectations.

Producing and Distributing Images and Ads at Scale


In order to effectively create, collaborate, and distribute ad content at scale, PepsiCo recognized the need to integrate their teams with one tool that provided a library of ready-made retailer templates and ad format libraries. IT’SRAPID’s platform provided the solution they needed.



“Creating an easy-to-manage ad creation and delivery tool that requires no design skills is key. Once a user logs into IT’SRAPID, they are able to select the ad format they want to create and easily upload their content, formatting into specific retailer and social media specifications with the click of a button. Pepsi’s ability to easily create high-quality ads and instantly deliver them to all of their retailers revolutionized their ad approach.”


–Timothy Bahn, Designer, PepsiCo




“With IT’SRAPID, Pepsi is able to focus on more exciting projects and stay on the bleeding-edge of digital advertising across all owned and retail channels with display ads, stoppable video, images, and more.”


–Jared Taitel, Director, E-Commerce Marketing, PepsiCo

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